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Musings of an empty mind

This is not a fitness post just my empty mind playing games I always wondered what it would be like to not be a corporate horse. When the kids are away at school ,and I have the whole house to myself; how would I feel having time on my hands. I got a taste of it now. I am taking a break before joining a new firm. Princess is away on vacation with her grandparents and hubby dearest is at work as usual. I finished all the household chores, watched television ,nothing to watch really, and was wondering how do I keep myself busy. Quite frankly I don’t know what to do. I tried working out but I feel lazy. At the start of the vacation I had so many plans of going on runs and exercising and getting into the habit of waking up at 5am. All of those convictions just flew out of the window, partly the weather(it is so hot) and partly my procrastination. I even got my sketch books out but  the weather is wanting me to just doze off. The only saving grace is that I have finished most of my pending …

Bangalore Pinkathon 2015 - memory to cherish

My first marathon for the year was the Pinkathon Bangalore 2015 on the 22nd of Feb. I had almost decided not to run it, but thank god I did. It was the most liberating experience to run with 11,000 women from different age groups and strata.
The month of February has been the toughest for me. First it was my mother who had the flu then my hubby dearest, followed by my princess and last me. A month of tending to the sick and then having the viral flu taking away all the reserved store of energy from my body, left me with zero exercise or workout.I looked like a train wreck and work took away what little was left of me. So on the morning of the run while I looked at my sleep deprived self in the mirror I wondered whether I should just go back to bed. The clocking reminding me that it was 4 am wasn’t helping, and then somewhere I mustered the strength in the deepest corner and got dressed. Tied my shoe laces and drove off to the venue. All the way I promised myself that it was that I had…