Boston marathon and my falters

Today I started working out after the new gym after a huge gap of 4 months. There were the in between runs and marathons but nothing consistent. To add to it all the vacation time I binged.  I thought I would do Ok and 4 months wouldn’t have made a difference but boy was I in for a surprise. I felt dizzy and weak after 20 minutes of the circuit, serious enough for the disappointed trainer asking me to finish the workout with a couple of crunches. Don’t know what it was, the no pre workout snack (just a small banana) or the exertion, I felt like sh*@.
The disappointment was worse when it hit me, wondering and self doubting my conviction of whether I would ever be healthy. I cursed myself for all the inertia of the past four months .How could I do this , and while I gobbled the breakfast sandwich I told myself , I should say goodbye to running the Boston marathon. Until this video hit me like a bullet train.
Maickel Melamed the 25 year old from Venezuela suffers from Muscular dystrophy endured 20 hours of rain, cold to complete the Boston Marathon. That boy’s conviction and strength is amazing and here I was berating myself by one small falter. "The message here is that love is so much stronger than death," he said. "It was an honor to the run the streets of this city." If he with all the challenges can do this then I have no right to complain.  This and many other stories is the sole reason that millions want to run the Boston.  The Boston Marathon is a Mecca for all runners, not because of the terrain; it’s solely these heroes that make it special.  When I watched the video there were tears, I don’t know this boy but his win made me happy, bought back my joy and conviction back. Terrorist attacks, storm, rains, bad weather, physical disabilities nothing can keep runners away from Boston. This is the run for strength  , and Boston is strong. 
The next year I will make it to the run while there is long way to go considering that the winner this year 25-year-old Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa, completed the race in 2 hours, 9 minutes, 17 seconds. My prime goal is to qualify and that I will. Today’s weakness is just a pebble on the road and I plan to move a mountain.


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