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A run down on plans and this week

I am liking that there is a certainly accountability that is built by writing these posts.I spent yesterday reading all the back dated post and realized the most difference in the beginning of the journey were made when I was diligent with writing.
This is way back in 2014 and the posts made me smile and feel a sense of renewed commitment. So lets try this again and be at it. A lot of love from the readers certainly appreciated.

The plan that I am currently following is to get me to my Bengaluru Half marathon on the 15th of October. The coaching plan (14 weeks) is on Nike plus app and I am currently at week 10. A low down on how the plan has been this far . The plan consists of 3- 4 running days a week . While most days it running there are days the plan asks me to the NTC workouts so as mentioned 3-4 days in a week.
Each week has a mix and match of either a speed run, recovery run, tempo run and long run.
While the idea is to build the mileage in the long runs with every passing wee…

While I was away

It has been two years from my last post and the reason I never came back is because I wanted to abandon this blog forever. Then today I got a comment on my last post today which got me back to the blog. I ended reading my post and to be honest I felt why would I want to give up some great posts that I wrote. This blog was supposed to be my journal to getting through motherhood , and being a better me and I was ready to give it up because it wasn't garnering an audience.
Which wasn't the purpose of the blog to start with, so I have decided that i will give it a go again.
While I was away I found a space on Instagram to document my fitness journey and I am quite regular, but there times that there is so much I want to say and Insta doesn't fulfill my needs .
So for all those who end up here don't forget to go to my Insta handle @beingyummymummy to see the missing year.