A run down on plans and this week

I am liking that there is a certainly accountability that is built by writing these posts.I spent yesterday reading all the back dated post and realized the most difference in the beginning of the journey were made when I was diligent with writing.
This is way back in 2014 and the posts made me smile and feel a sense of renewed commitment. So lets try this again and be at it. A lot of love from the readers certainly appreciated.
The journey this far

The plan that I am currently following is to get me to my Bengaluru Half marathon on the 15th of October. The coaching plan (14 weeks) is on Nike plus app and I am currently at week 10. A low down on how the plan has been this far . The plan consists of 3- 4 running days a week . While most days it running there are days the plan asks me to the NTC workouts so as mentioned 3-4 days in a week.
Each week has a mix and match of either a speed run, recovery run, tempo run and long run.
While the idea is to build the mileage in the long runs with every passing week the current week the long run is 15km. The pace has improved over this course from  of 9" to 8"  on the long runs. And I have to give credit to the Applewatch series2 for letting me keep the pace and heartbeat in check.
The PB fro 5K so far is 35min and 10K is 1:12min. It may not be the best but I am getting there. Helps that I found a like minded soul at work an we try and run together on weekends

On the non run days I do at-least an hour sessions of either yoga or HIIT. Most of this is on the NTC app or Fitstar app  or my very own reliable Jillian Michael workout DVDs. Not over Jillian yet  and she always manages to bring in something new. But to be honest I haven't been consistent with her workouts. My current obsession is BodyShred the 60 day workout and haven't gone past week 1&2(multiple times repeats).
But all in all I try and workout most days and my current move goal  on the activity tracker is 450  calories per day  . This is just the active calorie burn no rest included. ..... yeah i know , but that's how the watch captures so that's how you will hear me mention it from now onward.

Now the most dreaded topic, my diet. It still remains a Achilles heal, giving into cravings and having bouts of eating right.   The other story is that currently I have serious B12 and Vitamin D deficiency which has rendered sleepless nights and a fatigued body. The medications started a week back so on the road to recovery.
Phew !!! Long post but summarizes the current schedule. Weekly updates will follow, with in between posts on musings and thoughts.
Love to hear your thoughts


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