While I was away

It has been two years from my last post and the reason I never came back is because I wanted to abandon this blog forever. Then today I got a comment on my last post today which got me back to the blog. I ended reading my post and to be honest I felt why would I want to give up some great posts that I wrote. This blog was supposed to be my journal to getting through motherhood , and being a better me and I was ready to give it up because it wasn't garnering an audience.
Which wasn't the purpose of the blog to start with, so I have decided that i will give it a go again.
While I was away I found a space on Instagram to document my fitness journey and I am quite regular, but there times that there is so much I want to say and Insta doesn't fulfill my needs .
So for all those who end up here don't forget to go to my Insta handle @beingyummymummy to see the missing year. 


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